Binaural Beats For Astral Projection Free Download

Lots of people wonder what Astral Projection is. It is an intentional out-of-body experience that typically happens without warning and typically out of the blue. Astral Projection is a sensation of your consciousness leaving your physical body and travel to some location that is from your physical mind. It usually begins with a mild feeling your awareness has left your body. That mild sensation usually becomes a feeling of floating in air.

An out-of-body (OBE) is an intentional release or recovery of your awareness to a goal, non-physical location. It’s an out of body experience and typically is not a complete loss of awareness. Many times people have an OBE they remember being in a certain place or feeling like they were in a cloud state. Others claim to have had an out of body experience where they seem to be in water or some other fluid like lava.

People have reported all kinds of odd things while having an out of body experience. They say they have talked to other people that they haven’t met in many years; they have talked to spirit guides; and they have had lucid dreams during REM (or Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. Lucid dreams are dreams that are”dreamed” and remember clearly but do not cause you to become aware that you are dreaming. In a Lucid dream, you’re completely awake, alert, and aware of your environment. Many men and women say they’ve experienced astral projection during their fantasies, but when they wake up they don’t remember having any such encounters.

Many researchers have noticed a rise in visions or reports from lucid dreams during the last few decades. There was much speculation as to why this is happening, although it is hard to pinpoint exactly what causes it. Some believe that the growth in spiritual awareness that is happening today is causing more people to input our astral projection phase when sleeping. Others believe that as we become more aware of ourselves and our environment, we’re more prone to going out of our physical bodies to possess astral experiences. Additionally, there are people who feel vibrations are changing and that this is causing more people to have astral projection throughout their dreams.

People who are ready to enter astral travel have to learn how to ground themselves before trying to astral project. Without consciousness there may be a whole lot of disturbance between the mind and spirit, and without grounding these energetic levels can be disrupted too. Learning how to ground yourself is vital to having a thriving astral projection experience.

Lots of people who practice astral projection have a religious body that they carry around with them constantly. This is the body that comprise of the things you remember from your physical life, your everyday life, and the religious beliefs that you carry with you. When this body dies, or it becomes so full of energy that it has a mind of its own, it will become a spiritual body. It has a sense of what is real and what is fantasy, so when this occurs and an astral projection occurs, it can be very dangerous. It can occur when the individual has died for quite a while and has become a limbo between life and death, where they are not able to separate themselves from their spirit.

You may help yourself to separate from your spirit by practicing astral projection and getting into a relaxed state on a daily basis, especially right before you go to sleep. If you do this right, you’ll find that it will get easier over time, until it almost feels like an addiction. You may feel like you never want to go back, but so long as you remember to ground yourself and practice, you’ll find that it becomes less of a problem and more of a habit.

The first time that you have an out of body experience like an astral projection may feel like a lifetime, and as soon as you have experienced it a couple of times, it should not feel like that at all. It’s a terrific experience that’s been enjoyed by many people all over the world. You could even make it a part of your life’s work, teaching others about it and showing them how to experience it as well. That would be an even greater gift and something that could really touch lives.